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Masterclass: Maximising the LTV of Customers with Insert Cards & Marketing Funnels 2023

In this dynamic masterclass, we'll guide you on how to maximize customer lifetime value (LTV) by leveraging insert cards and marketing funnels.

Starting with compliance, we'll delve into Amazon's rules and regulations regarding insert cards, ensuring your store remains compliant and operates seamlessly. We then shift focus to design mastery, where you'll learn how to create eye-catching inserts that not only engage customers but also drive leads. Our ready-to-use templates make this process even more effortless.

The course proceeds to the critical aspect of marketing funnels. We'll break down the principles of creating effective funnels aimed at cross-selling variations, promoting additional products, and propelling new product launches. You'll learn how to transition from the physical world to the digital space as we navigate the setup of your funnels.

We then deep-dive into marketing strategy, where we'll uncover the entire marketing flow, leveraging AI, and testing new ideas. This section will empower you to construct and implement robust marketing strategies that automate your funnels and stimulate business growth.

Lastly, we'll help you polish your skills in data analysis, tracking campaign success, and evaluating ROI. Learn to experiment with various testing methods to identify and concentrate on strategies that deliver the best results.

Enroll in this masterclass today and unlock the potential of your Amazon business through strategic use of insert cards and optimized marketing funnels.


TOS COMPLIANCE: Safeguard your Amazon store by navigating key rules and regulations set by Amazon for the correct use of insert cards. Staying compliant helps to avoid account suspension.

DESIGN MASTERY: Unleash your creativity by learning how to design visually appealing inserts that convert. Using ready-to-go templates that drive leads, capture your customers' attention and foster brand loyalty.

FUNNEL BASICS: Explore the core principles of building effective marketing funnels aimed at cross-selling variations, promoting additional products, and boosting new product launches. Break the barrier from physical to digital as we guide you through setting up your funnels.

MARKETING STRATEGY: Discover the complete marketing flow that automates your funnels, harnesses the power of AI, and provides a platform to test new ideas. Master the art of developing and implementing a dynamic marketing strategy that optimizes your business growth.

DATA ANALYSIS: Hone your skills in tracking campaign success, evaluating overall ROI, and interpreting the data effectively. Experiment with different testing methods to identify and focus on your most successful strategies.